In and out of the kitchen - Documenting the domestic - ideas for a new apron.

Waiting for sunshine!

On January 1st 2018, I started a personal project - a drawing a day for a year. using a black rollerball pen and watercolour paper cut to pocket size. I set out to draw wherever I was, not go somewhere specifically to draw. I nearly failed the first week, with a few drawings made late at night, but once I got into the habit, I started to enjoy it.  

Many of my drawings became about the domestic environment from community kitchens, to a new recipe tried out by my dad for the first time, trying to find the right cooking utensils.  Looking back through a year of documenting, many are from in my own kitchen. Each drawing holds a memory, from jam making, bread making in winter to rainy days when laundry dried indoors on the clothes maiden and the endless washing up. 

I'm planning a new apron, the shape yet undecided - perhaps contemporary rather than traditional. The imagery will be sourced from my stack of  2018's  365 drawings a day.