Jasmine Paul from Newfoundland shares memories of aprons and her Nan

Thanks to Jasmine from St.John's, Newfoundland, for sending these images.

"My nan still wears an apron everyday and looks naked without it! She prefers half aprons with long strings and pockets for tissues. Her grandfather was Scottish."

Jasmines nan will be 91 this year, she lives in Come By Chance in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.

"....She’s cutting up a Jasmine Pudding, a figgy duff, my favourite. It’s a boiled pudding..."

"Here is one I bought for her at a thrift shop. Hope to go visit soon so I can give it to her. I also gave her one for Christmas and she was extremely grateful!..."

Check out Jasmines blog: "Building a Traditional Newfoundland Punt - A traditional undertaking in a contemporary setting."

About Jasmine: Artist, writer, academic, and apprentice fish harvester.
Twitter: @jnp709

And thanks to Scottish Field Magazine for sharing!